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Software solutions company

If you aren't doing at least some part of your business over the Web, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Today, the Web forms either an integral part of the business or a fabulous means to extend it.

Kingdom Vision harnesses the right people and tools to ensure the success of your web-initiative. We provide a full range of web design and development services needed to direct and deliver a successful solution, including strategic direction, business analysis, management, web application development and systems integration. We place a high premium on understanding your business objectives, and work with you to offer solutions that match them.

Our services cover the complete lifecycle of your web initiative that includes web solutions, content development, web design and development, technical support, promotions & web maintenance.

When we say "maintenance" the first thing that probably comes to your mind is "fix" or "repair" and ordinarily, you wouldn't be wrong. At Kingdom Vision however, website maintenance includes a lot more than mere fixing. Of course, you could only opt to have us fix whatever is broken or you could opt for our "full service" maintenance.

What is covered under "full service" website maintenance? The Kingdom Vision full service maintenance covers every aspect of your website and broadly includes:
• Detailed diagnostic
Our full service website maintenance includes a detailed diagnostic. We use our custom diagnostic software to check all links within the website including links from menus and dynamically generated links. Next we stress test the site using an in-house team of experts. The website is put through every possible scenario and abuse. The results are analyzed and recommendations formulated.
• Current web standards confirmation
Apart from repairing any broken links and technical glitches that we might find in our diagnostic, we also put under the microscope each and every page, each and every element of the website. For example, are the images looking old? Is the animation looking dated? Can the animation be speeded up or reduced in size for a quicker play? Is the website appearance in confirmation with current web standards? Is the navigation intuitive? Is the web content intuitive? Do all hypertext links have adequate and descriptive titles? Are all elements in the forms adequately explained? Can any form be recast to make it simpler or less confusing? We run through these and several other questions that are a part of our website maintenance review checklist.
• Check all external links leading to the website as well as directories listing the website
Having covered the website internals in our full service website maintenance review, we turn our attention to external factors. We begin by checking the quality of all incoming links. If your website retails premium ladies handbags, incoming links from porno sites would give it a bad impression. On the other hand, incoming links from premium leather goods manufacturers or online fashion retailers would give it a good impression, generate high quality traffic and would also garner higher weight age in search engines. Our full service website maintenance review also includes checking the title of each and every incoming link - are the titles descriptive enough? Are they accurate? As part of our external link maintenance, we also check each and every directory that list's and links back to your website. Is the information displayed in the directory current? Is the link working? Have any of the directories stopped listing because subscription payments have not been made or for any other reasons?
• Check search engine rankings
Our full service website maintenance includes a review on the current search engine ranking for your website. Our website maintenance and review checklist includes questions such as: what is the current search engine ranking? Has the search engine ranking slipped? Can the search engine ranking be improved? If yes, draw up a list of recommendations that will guarantee higher search engine ranking.
• Verify performance of any ongoing marketing campaigns
Are there any marketing campaigns in progress? Are there adequate measures in place to quantify the effectiveness of any marketing campaign? Are the current marketing reports meaningful? Our full service website maintenance includes a review by our team of website marketing experts as well as statistical analysis by in-house analysts who have specialized in interpreting website statistics.


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